Jack Skellington Cupcakes

Besides carving a Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin, I also decided to make some cupcakes, decorated to look like Jack Skellington’s face. I got the inspiration for this on the Disney Family website and really loved the idea. The execution was pretty simple too.


Baked cupcakes (I used Pillbury’s Devil Food cake mix)
White Betty Crocker cookie icing
Wilton Black Decorating Icing 
Wilton No. 3 round decorating tip
Wilton Coupler Ring (to attach the round decorating tip to the icing tube)

After baking the cupcakes, I waited for them to cool down to start decorating.

I used white Betty Crocker cookie icing for the face and Wilton Black Decorating Icing with the No. 3 decorating tip attached to make the face. I really liked using the Betty Crocker icing. Not a whole lot of prep was needed before opening the package and starting to put icing on the cupcakes. Apply a thin layer of this onto the cupcakes.

After covering the surface of the cupcake, wait for the icing to set. With this icing, it took 5 minutes. Now you can start decorating.

Use the black icing to draw the outline of the eyes. The Disney Family site recommends using toothpicks to draw the outline of the eyes before piping the black frosting. I didn’t find this necessary, but it’s a good suggestion.

Pipe on two short lines for a nose.

Pipe a long line across the bottom of the cupcake for the mouth.

Randomly top the mouth with a bunch of short icing barbs.

Pipe icing into the eyes to fill in the circles.

And you’re done! Enjoy and have a happy Halloween!


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