My Halloween Pumpkins

Besides dressing up every year, my favorite thing to do during the Halloween season is pumpkin carving. This year I carved three pumpkins.

This Nightmare Before Christmas themed pumpkin was the first one I carved this year. I absolutely love this movie and every year I do something themed with this film. I used two templates to come up with the end result.

My second pumpkin was a Dia de los muertos skull. It took me two days to do this. I got the pattern for it at Jammin’ Pumpkins. I carved this pumpkin and the Jack and Sally pumpkin using a Pumpkin Masters carving kit.

My third pumpkin was Don Draper from Mad Men. I love this show, and I missed it this whole year. (Come back on the TV, Mad Men!) I had to make a pumpkin in honor of the sexiest man on TV.

For this one, I found a black and white stencil of Draper, transferred it over using the traditional poking method onto the pumpkin, and then I carved the skin off using a Speedball linoleum cutter. For this method, it’s important to make the wall of the pumpkin thin on the inside so that the light shines through the pumpkin.


2 thoughts on “My Halloween Pumpkins

  1. Your pumpkins are always so complex! I’ve been carving for a long time and am still in the “little leagues.” I’ll probably post a pic sometime. Hope you’re doing well! We need to catch up! Things should be slowing down for me mid-November, more luscious dumplings?

  2. I saw the picture on your FB. Looks great! I’m assuming that you used a combo of shaving and carving the pumpkin? I’m doing pretty well, just constantly busy and feeling tired. I’m definitely down for dumplings! PM me on FB and let me know what dates are good for you and we can coordinate.

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