Life Outside the Kitchen: Thanksgiving Week

All the posts I have done in this blog so far have been just recipes and what I’m cooking. I thought I would start blogging a bit about myself and what my life is like. Maybe it’ll give a better idea as to why I cook the things that I cook every week or maybe it’s for people that are interested in getting to know the person behind the blog.

Last weekend started on a bad point. I got sick with the cold. I think I might have gotten it while serving jury duty. Waiting in a huge room of people, a room with very poor ventilation, it’s possible. I haven’t been sick for a while and since I moved to a new place in the beginning of October, I wasn’t prepared for this at all. Luckily I have two drugstores within walking distance of me now so I was able to pick up Zicam and start popping one of those every 3 hours. Saturday was a day of just staying in the apartment.

Sunday I ventured out to celebrate one of my friend’s birthday. He just turned 19! I went to Chano’s and picked up mini chimichangas because he loves those. One of my girlfriends baked a cake and decorated it. We gave him a pair of goggles for Burning Man next year, which will be his first burn. He really liked it. Birthday party was a success.

The rest of my week consisted of resting and recovering from the cold, blogging, cooking, running errands, working, taking pictures of what was just cooked, dissertating, posting stuff to sell on eBay, and catching up on “How I Met Your Mother”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, and “True Blood”. Yeah, I’m a little behind on TV.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. I drove to my parents house. They live about 15 miles from me but in LA that equals to an hour of travel time. Dinner was good and traditional. My mom made turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls, cooked green beans, and apple pie.

On Friday and Saturday morning I hit the gym. After all the eating from Thanksgiving, a good hour run on the treadmill made me feel better the past couple of days made me feel better.

In closing, I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! As much as Thanksgiving is a nice holiday so we can all get the day off, it’s important that we recognize all that we have to be grateful for. I think that it’s important to do this everyday and not just one day a year. Everyday I’m grateful for my amazing friends. This year I’m grateful for my new job, my new apartment, and my new playa family. I hope that every day brings something new to be grateful for.